Like almost all homeowners in Florida, my clients have a replacement cost homeowners’ insurance policy.  This means that regardless of the age of their roof, the insurance company promised to pay the costs for a new roof if the roof has to be replaced because of hail or wind damage.  (Don’t feel too sorry for the insurance companies, they charge a premium for this replacement cost coverage, and they are not forced to offer this type of coverage if they don’t want to.)

On July 8, 2012, my clients home was hit by a hail storm.  At the time of the storm their architectural shingle roof was 15 years old.  The homeowners submitted the claim to their homeowners insurance company.  Their
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The Nation Law Firm recently filed suit against CUNA Mutual Insurance Society for certain credit disability insurance benefits. (Often borrowers will take out credit disability insurance to pay their loan payments in the event of disability). In this case, our client became disabled and applied for disability benefits. The insurer, CUNA, denied the claim, arguing

We filed suit against Metropolitan Life Insurance Company for life insurance benefits. Our client, a pastor, became disabled and continued his life insurance coverage under a waiver of premium provision in the life insurance policy. He was advised by the policy holder that coverage would be provided both for him and his spouse. Following his

The Nation Law Firm recently filed a complaint seeking disability benefits on behalf of a pastor who became disabled. Suit was filed against Unum Life Insurance Company of America. Although the matter was not governed by ERISA, the case was removed to federal court allegedly based on diversity. Plaintiff is seeking to remand the case