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Another Suit Filed As Result of March 24, 2013 Wind and Hail Storm

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As I’ve written before, on March 24, 2013, a severe unnamed wind and hail storm hit the Central Florida area.  The storm caused significant damage to area homes and businesses.  In this case, our clients purchased replacement costs homeowners insurance coverage for their home.  Replacement cost insurance coverage pays the cost of replacement if any… Continue Reading

Preserving Error – Inconsistent Verdict

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In Coba v. Tricam Industries, Inc., 40 FLW S257 (Fla., May 14, 2015), Florida Supreme Court discussed the procedure lawyers must follow when faced with an inconsistent verdict.  (Although this was a wrongful death case, it is important for all civil litigators, including insurance lawyers).… Continue Reading

Wind Storm Hits Leesburg

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On June 5, 2015, a powerful wind storm hit the Leesburg area in Lake County, Florida.  The storm was strong enough to tear off roofs, and damage shingles. As a lawyer for policy holders for the past 25 years, I know that there will be insurance claims arising from this storm which insurance companies will… Continue Reading

Third DCA Distinguishes Appraisal and Arbitration

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Today, in Citizens Property Ins. Co. v. Mango Hill #6 Condominium Assoc., Inc., ___ So. 3d ___, No.: 3D10-2630 (Fla. 3rd DCA July 10, 2013) the 3rd DCA once again held a trial court erred in applying Florida’s arbitration rules to insurance appraisals. Mango Hill involved a Hurricane Wilma claim, and Citizens had issued a… Continue Reading

Florida Insurance Blog Nominated as one of the Top 50 Insurance Blogs in 2009

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I am pleased that this blog has been nominated as one of the top 50 insurance blogs for 2009.  If you could, it would be helpful for you to comment on our nomination by clicking this link http://www.lexisnexis.com/Community/insurancelaw/blogs/topblogs/archive/2010/06/22/insurance-law-community-s-top-50-insurance-blogs-for-2009.aspx The voting concludes on July 9, so time is of the essence.  If you think we should… Continue Reading

This Week’s Verse…

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My Firm’s written mission statement has long been: “To glorify God in all that we do and have a positive impact on every person with whom we come into contact.”  The full explanation of my Firm Mission – in the context of a litigation law firm – can be found on my website at http://www.nationlaw.com/the-nation-law-firm/mission-statement/ As part of… Continue Reading

Parent Cannot Enter into Pre-Injury Release

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On December 11, 2008, the Florida Supreme Court held that a parent does not have the authority to execute a pre-injury release on behalf of a minor child when the release involves participation in a commercial activity. In Kirton v. Fields, SC07-1379 (Fla. Dec. 11, 2008), a parent took his 14 year old son to… Continue Reading

Attorney’s Fees Awarded After Appraisal

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First Floridian Auto & Home Insurance Company v. Myrick, 32 FLW D2672a (Fla. 2nd DCA Nov. 9, 2007) This is a good case for insureds and their lawyers who are forced to file a lawsuit in order to get the insurance company to do the right thing. In this case, the insured presented a sinkhole… Continue Reading