Gainesville Florida was hit with a major hail storm on March 14, 2012.  The hail storm damaged thousands of roofs.  This type of damage is covered by homeowners insurance policies.  And, homeowners insurers cannot take deductions based on the age of the roofs; and generally can’t pay for partial roof repairs.
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We recently filed a lawsuit against American Traditions Insurance Company on behalf of our client.  Our client is a homeowner who sustained wind damage to her roof and interior water damage during the March 30/31, 2011 unnamed storms.  The homeowners insurance company only paid for in the interior damage and claimed that the roof was

My client, who lives in eastern Volusia County, suffered wind damage to his roof during a significant unnamed storm on January 25-26, 2011.  He submitted the claim to his homeowners insurer.  As often happens, the homeowners insurance company hired an engineering firm to inspect the roof and prepare a report.  As often happens, the engineer

My client purchased a standard Florida homeowners insurance policy when she bought her home in 2006.  At the time of the purchase her mortgage company required a home inspection.  The home inspection revealed that the roof was in good shape with no noticeable damage.  In 2010, she noticed that several of her neighbors were having their roofs replaced at the same time.  She asked one of the roofers performing the work to inspect her roof.  The roofer found that her roof had substantial hail damage.

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