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Hurricane Hermine Update – Roof Claims

Posted in Business Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Property Insurance, Roof Claims

Tens of thousands of Florida home and business owners have insurance claims for damage caused by Hurricane Hermine.  It is critical that policy holders know their rights. I have litigated thousands of insurance claims on behalf of Florida home and business owners.  Many of those claims have involved claims for roof damage. Almost 100% of… Continue Reading

Hurricane Hermine Causes Widespread Damage to Homes and Businesses

Posted in Business Insurance, Homeowners Insurance, Insurance Coverage - General

Once again, Florida is ground zero for a major hurricane.  On September 1 and 2, 2016, Hurricane Hermine made landfall in Florida.  Hurricane Hermine’s path took the Hurricane directly over Florida’s Big Bend area through Leon County and into Georgia. The wind and water damage along the direct path of Hurricane Hermine.  However, many parts of… Continue Reading

Hail Damage Lawsuit Filed

Posted in Homeowners Insurance, Roof Claims

My clients purchased a replacement cost homeowners insurance policy.  On July 12, 2014, their roof sustained hail damage.  As in many of these cases, the insurance company hired an engineer to inspect the roof.  The engineer inspected the roof and wrote an extensive report concluding that there was no hail damage.  Instead, according to the… Continue Reading

Another Suit Filed As Result of March 24, 2013 Wind and Hail Storm

Posted in Homeowners Insurance, Other Articles, Roof Claims

As I’ve written before, on March 24, 2013, a severe unnamed wind and hail storm hit the Central Florida area.  The storm caused significant damage to area homes and businesses.  In this case, our clients purchased replacement costs homeowners insurance coverage for their home.  Replacement cost insurance coverage pays the cost of replacement if any… Continue Reading

Insurance Company Not Allowed to Insert Term Prohibiting Assignment of Benefits in Policy

Posted in Assignments, Homeowners Insurance

In Security First Insurance Company v. State of Florida, Office of Insurance Regulation, 40 FLW D1449a (Fa. 1st DCA June 22, 2015), Security First sought to amend its insurance policy form to prohibit post-loss assignment of benefits without the insurer’s prior approval.  Security First submitted its proposed policy form change to the Florida Office of… Continue Reading

Hail Damage Investigation

Posted in Homeowners Insurance, Roof Claims

In every roof damage claim I pursue, I, and my experts, perform a forensic examination of the roof.  A forensic roof inspection includes photographs and a video inspection of the roof.  In hail damage cases we look for hail impact marks on the shingles, the soft metals on the roof, and screen enclosures.… Continue Reading

Sinkhole Lawsuit Filed Against Homeowner’s Insurer

Posted in Sinkhole

My client noticed cracking around the exterior of then garage, and then in her living room.  She was concerned that this may be a sinkhole so she contacted her homeowners insurer.  The homeowners insurance company retained an engineering firm (which I have seen on hundreds of sinkhole claims) and not surprisingly, the engineering firm declared that… Continue Reading

Fourth DCA Rules on Late Notice and Proof of Loss Issues

Posted in Complying with Policy Conditions, Coverage Questions, Homeowners Insurance

Just today, the 4th DCA ruled in Kramer v. State Farm Florida Insurance Company, ____ So.3d ____ (Fla. 4th DCA 2012), where an insured homeowner gave late notice and proof of loss concerning a wind damage claim. Ultimately, the insurance company in this case won on summary judgment.  But, the important part of this case… Continue Reading