My client was injured in an automobile accident.  After exhausting his PIP benefits, he was advised he needed neck and back surgery.  My client paid $25,000 to his surgeon and the surgery center for his surgery.  He submitted the surgery charges to his health insurer for reimbursement.

Instead of paying the bills, the health insurer repeatedly advised my client he had to resubmit the claim forms and bills.  They also advised him that he needed to submit various other items of information before they could consider reimbursing him for his medical bills.  After 8 months of submitting and resubmitting the requested information, my client gave up and retained counsel.Continue Reading Lawsuit Filed for Health Insurance Benefits

Baker County Medical Services operates a rural, not-for-profit hospital, and provides emergency medical services to patients.  Aetna Health Management and Humana Medical Plan are HMOs which provide health benefits to some of BCMS’s emergency room patients.  BCMS does not have a contract with Aetna or Humana.  As a result, when Aetna and Humana’s subscribers receive emergency medical

Federico A. was involved in a serious car accident and as a result suffered extensive physical injuries. He was transported to the hospital for several emergency surgeries. The hospital promptly submitted his medical bills to his PPO health insurance company, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Florida, for payment. The treatment had been rendered by

Our client was traveling in the Middle East when she fell and suffered a serious injury. She was treated at a local hospital but required medical evacuation back to the United States.

Before her trip, our client purchased a travel insurance policy before leaving on her trip. The policy provided for emergency evacuation benefits up to $50,000.00. The

The demographic and workforce study, "Mapping the Future – Estimating Florida Again Services Needs 2008 to 2030," recently concluded that Florida’s 85-and-over population is forecast to grow by 126 percent in the next 22 years. This huge increase is on top of the fact that Florida already has the highest percentage of senior citizens in

I recently filed suit against Mega Life (again) to help my client recover health insurance benefits.

This company has been sued many, many times for failing to pay health benefits. In fact, Mega Life’s parent company, HealthMarkets, Inc., recently received a $20,000,000 fine from 29 states as a result of a 3 year multi-state investigation which found

Many times, when a lawyer for a personal injury victim settles his or her client’s personal injury case, the health insurer will ask for a significant portion of the settlement for reimbursement of expenses which it incurred in paying for health care. This is known as "subrogration" or a "right of reimbursement." 

Repeatedly, I have