You spend a lot of money on homeowners insurance. What does it really cover? And, what do you do if your insurance company denies, low-balls, or simply delays your claim? You have more power than you think.

There are innumerable ways your home can be damaged. You may immediately think of fire and storm damage

U.S. Property and casualty insurer have sufficient capitalization to withstand what is predicted to be a busy Atlantic hurricane season.  Ruud Bosman, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of FM Global, a major global insurer, told Reuters in an interview that

The global property insurance industry is well capitalized at the moment following strong underwriting

Is termite damage covered under your insurance policy?  It depends on who you ask.  Many insurance companies and insurance agents routinely tell the insured that termite damage is not covered by their homeowners insurance policy, or their business property insurance policy.  In fact, a simple internet search reveals many sites that say it is not covered. 

In Heather Appel v. Lexington Insurance Company, ____ So.3d ____ (Fla. 5th DCA February 26, 2010, the 5th DCA was asked to determine whether a professional liability endorsement in a commercial general liability policy provided coverage to directors of a company who were sued by investors for breach of fiduciary duty.  The allegations stemmed from

On Tuesday my client was granted summary judgment against Nationwide on the issue of coverage.  I originally blogged on this case on February 16, 2009, when we filed suit. 

Our client maintains and services sewage lift stations. He purchased a "Contractor’s Liability Insurance Policy" from Nationwide Insurance in order to protect himself against claims arising out

In an earlier blog concerning this case, I noted we represented two large car dealerships who had been sued in major class actions.  Universal Underwriters Insurance Company insured both dealerships.  The dealers asked Universal Underwriters to defend and indemnify them for the claims in the class actions. Universal agreed to defend the claims, but advised that

My client, a water extraction/remediation firm, was retained by a condominium association to assist with a large water loss. The water extraction firm agreed to perform the work, and the association assigned to it any claims against the condo association’s insurer in the event the insurer failed to pay – which is exactly what happened. (Many of

This week I was retained by a general contractor who subcontracted out roofing work on a large construction project. The Sub negligently installed the roof, which resulted in significant water and mold damage to the interior of the structures. The Sub agreed to replace the roof.  However, the general contractor has paid to repair and

Our client maintains and services sewage lift stations. He purchased liability insurance from Nationwide Insurance. Nationwide clearly knew that its insured maintained and serviced sewage lift stations, as that information was set forth in the application and the premiums were based on the proposed insured’s SIC designation as a lift station maintenance company.

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