Tens of thousands of Florida home and business owners have insurance claims for damage caused by Hurricane Hermine.  It is critical that policy holders know their rights.

Hurricane Hermine

I have litigated thousands of insurance claims on behalf of Florida home and business owners.  Many of those claims have involved claims for roof damage.

Almost 100% of home and business owners’ insurance policies issued in Florida are known as “replacement cost” policies.  A replacement cost policy means just what it sounds like: the insurance company is required to REPLACE the damaged property with new.  A simple example will help.
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Once again, Florida is ground zero for a major hurricane.  On September 1 and 2, 2016, Hurricane Hermine made landfall in Florida.  Hurricane Hermine’s path took the Hurricane directly over Florida’s Big Bend area through Leon County and into Georgia.

The wind and water damage along the direct path of Hurricane Hermine.  However, many parts

In Taylor v. Admiral Insurance Company, ____ S.3d ____ (Fla. 3rd DCA February 10, 2016), Ms. Taylor sued Hello Florida, Villa Vizcaya and Miami-Dade County as a result of a slip and fall injury. Hello Florida was the named insured under the Admiral Comprehensive General Liability Insurance policy.  Hello Florida was Ms. Taylor’s employer. Villa Vizcaya and the County qualified as additional insureds under the policy.

Admiral Insurance refused to defend or indemnify Hello Florida, Villa Vizcaya and the County. 
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Our client, a custom photography firm specializing in high quality commercial photography, purchased insurance for its Hoverfly Scripta drone.

The Hoverfly was damaged when it crashed after losing power during flight.  Our client submitted an insurance claim for the damage.  The insurance company denied the claim, citing to an exclusion in the
Hoverfly 1Hoverfly 2
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In Mid-Continent Casualty v. Hunter Crane, 40 FLW D1371c, (Fla. 4th DCA June 10, 2015), the 4th DCA discussed a commercial general liability insurance company’s duty to defend under its CGL policy when its insured has contractually agreed to indemnify, defend and hold harmless one of the insured’s vendors.
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My client owns a business which operates out of a wooden building which was built in 1956.  Recently, upon arriving at the business, my client noticed that ceiling was sagging.  Upon further inspection, it was determined that one of the wood trusses had cracked.  The one cracked truss, has now led to another cracked truss. 

My client bought liability insurance for his business.  When he presented a claim, his insurance company denied the claim and has voided the policy for what it says were “material misrepresentations” on the application for insurance.

Specifically, the insurer says that my client misrepresented that he renovated hotel rooms and that he subbed out much

My client, a home owners association (HOA), was sued by one of the home owners in its community.  The HOA submitted the claim to its errors and omissions insurance carrier.  The E & O Carrier denied the claim and refused to defend.  I filed a declaratory judgment action which resulted in the insurance company agreeing

My client is a roofing contractor who was sued by a homeowner.  During the tear-off of the old roof, it began storming and the interior of the home was drenched.  My client submitted the claim to his insurance company, however, the insurance company denied the claim.  The insurance company is citing an endorsement to the

My client is a landscape architect who was hired to design a "false bridge."  Unfortunately, the retaining wall supporting the false bridge failed.  The housing developer which owns the bridge sued the landscape architect alleging negligence. 

My client submitted the claim to his liability carrier.  The insurance carrier sent a letter stating that it was denying