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Is this Really “Flood” Damage?

Posted in Flood, Homeowners Insurance
I have previously written on what is and is not “flood” damage.  Now, another chapter in that same story. My client’s home was inundated with water when the fire hydrant at the front of his property literally blew off.  The ensuing deluge undermined the foundation of his house, and penetrated his frame walls, and soaked… Continue Reading

Mississippi Supreme Court Issues Important Katrina Decision on Anti-Concurring Cause Clause

Posted in Anti Concurring Cause Clause, Coverage Questions, Efficient Proximate Cause, Flood
In a unanimous decision, the Mississippi Supreme Court has explained how the anti-concurring cause clause (ACCC) in the standard homeowners insurance policy should be interpreted.  Although this decision was from Mississippi, it will prove to be informative in Florida as there is very little Florida law on this important issue.  I’ve previously blogged extensively on the… Continue Reading