You are much more likely to become disabled during your work life than to die during your work life. Thus, disability insurance is very important to protect you and your family from financial ruin in the event of a disability. But, what happens when you insurance company denies your disability claim?Continue Reading What do I do if Disability Insurance Denies My Claim?

Recently, we prevailed in federal court on a contract interpretation issue under an ERISA short term disability insurance policy. 

Due to an illness, our client could not perform some of the essential duties of her job. She could perform some of her duties, she just couldn’t perform them all. Our client filed a claim for STD benefits

My client is a veterinarian who became disabled due to cancer and the subsequent grueling treatments.  Her disability insurance carrier is New York Life. 

Although New York Life has not technically denied the claim they might as well have.  Instead of quickly processing the claim, their claims administrator has repeatedly requested the same information time and again.  Once

The Nation Law Firm recently filed an administrative appeal for certain disability benefits under the terms of the Harris Corporation Disability Plan. Plaintiff was successful in this appeal and benefits were reinstated.

The Nation Law Firm recently handled an administrative appeal under an ERISA plan against Principal Life Insurance Company. Plaintiff prevailed in the appeal