Most ERISA disability policies state that the insurer has “discretionary authority” to make all decisions regarding whether to award or deny disability benefits.  If the policy contains this “discretionary authority” provision then the disability claimant can usually only overcome a denial if we are able to prove that the denial was: 1) wrong; and 2) the decision was arbitrary and capricious.  This is an extremely difficult burden to meet.  “Wrong” is not enough.   It has to be wrong, and arbitrary and capricious.
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You are much more likely to become disabled during your work life than to die during your work life. Thus, disability insurance is very important to protect you and your family from financial ruin in the event of a disability. But, what happens when you insurance company denies your disability claim?Continue Reading What do I do if Disability Insurance Denies My Claim?

Recently, we prevailed in federal court on a contract interpretation issue under an ERISA short term disability insurance policy. 

Due to an illness, our client could not perform some of the essential duties of her job. She could perform some of her duties, she just couldn’t perform them all. Our client filed a claim for STD benefits

Life Insurance Company of North America (“LINA”) was recently ordered to continue paying disability benefits under an ERISA governed Plan. In that case, the our client was employed by UBS as a senior sales brokerage assistant earning over $100,000.00 a year. She left work as a result of a heart condition and fibromyalgia which caused

The Nation Law Firm recently filed an administrative appeal for certain disability benefits under the terms of the Harris Corporation Disability Plan. Plaintiff was successful in this appeal and benefits were reinstated.

The Nation Law Firm recently handled an administrative appeal under an ERISA plan against Principal Life Insurance Company. Plaintiff prevailed in the appeal

The Nation Law Firm recently filed a complaint seeking disability benefits on behalf of a pastor who became disabled. Suit was filed against Unum Life Insurance Company of America. Although the matter was not governed by ERISA, the case was removed to federal court allegedly based on diversity. Plaintiff is seeking to remand the case

In Holmstrom v. Metropolitan Life Insurance Company, 2009 WL 901127 (N.D. Ill. March 31, 2009), Holmstrom sued Metropolitan for terminating her long term disability payments.  Metropolitan counterclaimed seeking reimbursement from Holmstrom for an overpayment of LTD benefits which occurred when Holmstrom received a payment for back benefits from social security disability.  (The Metropolitan plan contained a