My clients purchased a replacement cost homeowners insurance policy.  On July 12, 2014, their roof sustained hail damage.  As in many of these cases, the insurance company hired an engineer to inspect the roof.  The engineer inspected the roof and wrote an extensive report concluding that there was no hail damage.  Instead, according to the insurance company’s engineer, the roof was old and suffered from manufacturing defects, and damage from foot traffic.  (This is almost exactly what the insurance company said in the trial I won a few weeks ago where the jury deliberated for about 18 minutes before returning a verdict in favor of my clients).

Contrary to the insurance company’s engineering report, this roof needs to be replaced due to hail damage.  As a result, we filed suit this week to prove the insurance company breached the insurance policy by denying this legitimate claim.

For every case like this that we take, I am convinced there are many, many more where the homeowners received the insurance denial and simply walked away not knowing that I was available to look at the denial for free.

I am thankful my clients had the fortitude and the knowledge to let me review their insurance denial.

As with most of our insurance claims, if we are successful, the insurance company must pay our attorneys’ fees and costs if we win.  If we lose, we will work for free.

Always remember, “NO” is not the end of the inquiry.  It is just the beginning.  In fact, I can’t win your case until the insurance company says “NO.”  So, don’t be discouraged or intimidated by an insurance denial.  Every case I’ve ever won all have one thing in common – they all started with “NO.”

Mark Nation