Our client, a custom photography firm specializing in high quality commercial photography, purchased insurance for its Hoverfly Scripta drone.

The Hoverfly was damaged when it crashed after losing power during flight.  Our client submitted an insurance claim for the damage.  The insurance company denied the claim, citing to an exclusion in the
Hoverfly 1Hoverfly 2



insurance policy which states that “covered property does not include property while airborne…”

Our argument was simple. The drone was not damaged while “airborne.”  In fact, quite to the contrary, the drone was damaged when it hit the ground.  Simple.  Claim covered.

As with most of our insurance claims, if we are successful, the insurance company must pay our attorneys fees and costs if we win.  If we lose, we will work for free.

Always remember, “NO” is not the end of the inquiry.  It is just the beginning.  In fact, I can’t win your case until the insurance company says “NO.”  So, don’t be discouraged or intimidated by an insurance denial.  Every case I’ve ever won all have one thing in common – they all started with “NO.”

Mark Nation