About 2 months ago, I filed a lawsuit against my client’s homeowners insurance company for refusing to pay for wind damage to his roof.  The insurance company had hired an engineer who wrote a report stating that there was no wind damage. This happens all the time.  In my experience of doing this for over 20 years, insurance companies often hire engineers who write reports that are long, detailed, and wrong.

Yesterday, the lawyer for the insurance company in this case called and advised that the insurance company was paying the claim, along with my attorneys fees and costs.

Please remember, that when the insurance company says “no,” that is not the end of the inquiry, it is just the beginning.  Every insurance case I’ve ever won started with “no.”  In fact, I can’t win an insurance denial case until the insurance company says “no.”  So, don’t be intimidated by the insurance company’s “no.”  Even if that “no” is accompanied by a long detailed report by an engineer or some other professional.  Time and again, we have been able to shoot down the wrong conclusions contained in those reports.