Our client submitted a claim for sinkhole losses at his home.  The insurance company denied the claim based on what the insurer claims was a “material misrepresentation” on our client’s insurance application.

When evaluating the “material misrep” issue, the court’s look at the insurance application, and the insurance company must point to a specific question that the insured answered wrong. The burden of proof on this type of denial sits squarely on the insurance company’s shoulders.

If you’ve had an insurance claim denied because the insurance company claims there was a misrepresentation on the application, of if they claim there was a misrepresentation in the presentation of the claim, let me look at that denial.

My promise is simple.  I will review any insurance denial for free. And, if we take the case, in most instances if we are successful, the insurance company must pay our attorney’s fees and costs, and If we lose, we’ll work for free.