My client, who lives in eastern Volusia County, suffered wind damage to his roof during a significant unnamed storm on January 25-26, 2011.  He submitted the claim to his homeowners insurer.  As often happens, the homeowners insurance company hired an engineering firm to inspect the roof and prepare a report.  As often happens, the engineer hired by the homeowners insurance company wrote a report that said there was no wind damage.  As often happens, that report is flat out wrong.

I was retained, and had a certified roofer inspect my client’s roof.  My videoagrapher videotaped the entire inspection.  The roof shows clear signs of wind damage, including bent and creased shingles, torn shingles, and debris under the shingles.

Yesterday, I filed a lawsuit against the homeowners insurer for breach of contract.  As in most of my insurance cases, I charge my client nothing.  If I win, the insurance company owes my fees and costs, and if I lose, I work for free.