My client recently noticed cracking in the walls and foundation of his home.  He asked his homeowners insurance company to inspect for possible sinkhole activity affecting his home.  The homeowners insurer retained an engineer and a geologist to inspect the home and perform sinkhole testing.  The insurance company’s engineer and geologist concluded that there was no sinkhole.  However, even a cursory review of the data from their inspection and testing clearly reveal the presence of sinkhole activity.

Although it was clear from the insurance company report that sinkhole activity was present, I sent their report to an expert I trust for review.  The expert who reviewed the insurance company report confirmed the presence of sinkhole activity.

As a result, I filed a lawsuit against the homeowners insurance company for breach of contract.  In cases like this, there are never any out of pocket fees or costs for my client.  And, in many of my insurance cases, if I win, I can force the insurance company to pay my fees and costs.  If I lose, I work for free.

In any event, my promise to you is that I will review any insurance denial for free!