My client’s homeowners insurance company has confirmed that a sinkhole is damaging his home. Additionally, several of his surrounding neighbors have sustained significant sinkhole damage. The insurance company retained an engineering firm to come up with a sinkhole remediation plan. The plan suggested by the insurer’s engineering firm is inadequate in two very significant respects.

First, it does not take into account that the sinkhole is not simply under my client’s home. The sinkhole is under several homes, including my client’s next-door-neighbor who has a huge void under their home.  This sinkhole is huge and will take a lot of grout to remediation.  A lot more than what the insurance company recommended.

Second, the proposed sinkhole remediation plan does not incorporate underpinning which will be absolutely necessary given the characteristics of this particular sinkhole.

Additionally, the insurance company has refused to pay for living expenses that my client has incurred because the house is unlivable.

Yesterday, I filed a lawsuit against my client’s homeowners insurance company. There are two claims in the lawsuit. In Count 1, I am asking that the court declare that the insurance company’s sinkhole remediation plan is inadequate. In Count 2, I am asking that the insurance company be forced to pay for the correct type of remediation plan, and pay for the additional living expenses my client has already incurred.

As with most of my insurance cases, if I am successful, the insurance company will be required to pay my hourly fees and costs, and if I lose, I’ll work for free.