My client was having her roof replaced in July of this year.  Unfortunately, during the tear off process, the roofers left the roof open when they finished working for the day.  As you can imagine, there was a large storm that evening.  My client’s home was inundated with water. Her ceilings caved in, and her walls, carpets and other items throughout the house were destroyed.  Additionally, she hasn’t been able to live in the house since July, and her pets have had to be boarded at a kennel since July.

Hoping to take care of this on her own, she submitted the claim to her homeowners insurance company the day of the loss. Since then, she has received one letter from the insurance company acknowledging the claim, and nothing else.

Out of frustration, she finally decided to get some help and ended up in my office this morning.

These types of losses are covered under most standard Florida homeowners insurance policies. Yes, even the pet boarding.

If you are getting nowhere with your insurance company, whether its homeowners, business owners, life, health, or disability insurance, we can help. I will look at any insurance denial (or delay) for free!