On March 30, 2011 a severe unnamed storm hit Central Florida with high winds, rain and hail.  Since then I have filed at least 20 lawsuits against various homeowners insurers for wrongly denying roof damage claims.  Most of those cases were immediately settled by the insurance company as soon as they received the lawsuits.

Yesterday, I settled another one, and filed another lawsuit on a new one.  In most of these cases, the insurance company has hired a roof consultant or an engineer to say that the roof is old and has no wind damage.  In each of the cases, I have been able to document that the roof was fine before the March 30 storm and sustained severe wind damage as a result of the storm.

The team I assemble in these cases typically includes a qualified roofer, an engineer, and a forensic meteorologist.

In almost all of my roof cases, the insurance company is required to pay my fees and costs if I win, and if I lose I work for free.