My client’s homeowners insurer, Nationwide, confirmed the presence of sinkhole damage at his home.  However, the remediation plan proposed by the insurance company’s engineers only calls for underground grouting.  The insurance company also estimated the damage to their insured’s home (which appeared at first blush to be quite light). 

I retained a geologist, engineer, and forensic general contractor to determine the proper remediation plan and the proper amount to repair the damage to the home.  These experts determined that the remediation plan, and damage estimate are both inadequate.  According to the geologist and geotechnical engineer, the home needs underpinning in order to properly remediate the sinkhole.  The forensic general contractor believes the damages to the home are much more than what was estimated by the insurance company. 

Yesterday, I filed suit against Nationwide in order to have a jury determine the proper remediation plan, and the amount of damage to the home. 

A lot of the times, in this type of case, if I win, the insurance company is required to pay my fees and costs, and if I lose, I’ll work for free.