Allstate Floridian, which is now Castle Key Insurance Company, insures my client’s luxury home.  After noticing cracks in the walls and flooring, my client asked her insurance company to perform sinkhole testing.  The insurer confirmed the existence, and proposed a remediation plan.  The remediation plan did not include underpinning.  Given the significant sinkhole activity present at this sight, an appropriate sinkhole remediation plan should include underpinning.  Additionally, the amount estimated by the insurance company for damage to the house is not sufficient. 

In order to prove the appropriate remediation plan, and the amount of structure damages, I have retained a geologist, a technical engineer, and forensic general contractor.  

Today, I filed a lawsuit against Castle Key in order to force them to pay for the underpinning, as well as the appropriate amount for the damage to the home.  In many of these cases, if I win, I can force the insurance company to pay my fees and costs.