My client’s home has been sinking.  She submitted a claim to her homeowner’s insurance company which sent out a geotechnical engineer and geologist to investigate the claim.  The engineer and geologist concluded that the home was sinking because of the "high organic content" in the soil, and was not due to any sinkhole activity. 

Contrary to the engineer’s and geologist’s conclusion, their actual tests results indicated that the sinking home was indeed due to sinkhole activity.  I filed a lawsuit against the insurer for breach of contract. 

I spent the day today taking the deposition of the insurance company’s geologist.  The case is currently set for trial in April. 

As with many of my insurance cases, if we win, the insurance company has to pay all of my fees and costs, and if we lose, I’ll work for free.  There are no out of pocket fees or costs for my client.