My clients sustained a fire loss at their home.  The fire, smoke and water also significantly damaged their personal property.  As a result, they were out of the house for quite a while and incurred additional living expenses. 

The claim was submitted to their homeowners insurance company for payment.  The insurance company has paid some of the losses, but has simply refused to pay for the entire loss.  Instead of paying the claim, the insurance company has also consistently requested that my clients provide it with documents which they have already repeatedly given to the insurance company. 

My clients’ public adjuster eventually demanded appraisal.  In response, the insurance company named its appraiser, while refusing to give his phone number or address.  Since identifying its appraiser (by name only), the insurance company has refused to participate in the appraisal process. 

Yesterday, I filed suit for breach of contract as a result of the homeowners insurance company failing to pay the loss.  At this point, the insurer has waived its right to demand appraisal, and we will be pursing litigation.

As with almost all of my insurance cases, I take no fees and costs from my client. If I win, the insurance company must pay my fees and costs, and if I lose, I’ll work for free.