My client’s home was built in 1979.  He recently began seeing cracks in the walls, around windows, and in the ceiling.  He reported the cracking to his homeowners insurer – Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Company.  Universal had an engineer inspect the home.  The insurance company’s engineer wrote a report stating that the cracks in the home were caused by settling, and not by sinkhole. 

I have had the home inspected by engineers who determined that the damage is being caused by ongoing sinkhole activity. 

Today, I filed suit against Universal for breach of the insurance policy.  I also filed a Civil Remedy Notice concerning what I believe to be the insurer’s bad faith in denying the claim. 

This lawsuit was filed in Nassau County, Florida  I handle insurance cases such as this for policy holders throughout the State of Florida.  As with most of my insurance cases, if I am successful, the insurance company will have to pay all my hourly fees and costs.  If I lose, I’ll work for free.