My client insured her home with a standard Florida homeowners insurance policy.  The roof of her home did not leak until hit by strong winds during Tropical Storm Fay in August of 2008.  Shortly after the storm she submitted a claim to her insurance company to evaluate her roof damage.  The insurance company adjuster inspected the roof and found missing and torn shingles, but he advised her that any problem with her roof was due to wear and tear, and not wind damage. 

An inspection by her roofer revealed that the roof had wind damage in every slope of the roof.  Suit was filed today against the homeowners insurance company for breach of contract. 

As a lawyer representing homeowners, I have handled many cases against homeowners insurers for failing to pay for roof damage.  In almost all of those cases, if I win, the insurance company will be responsible for my attorneys fees and costs, and if I lose, I’ll work for free.  Initial consultations are always free.