As an insurance attorney, I have helped many homeowners with water damage claims against their homeowners insurers.  That includes damage from broken ice maker lines, broken washing machine water lines, overflowing and broken toilets, sewer back-ups, and broken or cracked plumbing lines. 

This blog entry concerns losses or water damage as a result of a cracked or broken plumbing line.  Most Florida homeowners insurance policies cover "water damage," but some contain limitations on damage caused by "repeated or continuous seepage or leakage" from a plumbing system.  However, even if your insurance company denies a claim based on the "repeated or continuous seepage or leakage" exclusion all is not lost.  Many of those claims can still be won by a lawyer skilled in insurance claims.  For instance, many of these exclusions say that the exclusion applies to the repeated seepage must occur over a period of 14 days or a "number of weeks."  By implication, then, all of the damage which occurs in the first 13 days, or before the expiration of a "number of weeks" is by necessity covered.  Further, there is a huge question in my mind about what constitutes a "day" of leaking.  If a shower line leaks only when the shower is in use, and it is only in use for a total of 1 hour per day, then it is my position that the shower did not leak for 1 day, but only for 1/24th of a day. 

Further, many policies will cover the consequences of the water damage, i.e. maybe a policy excludes the water damage in and around a shower, but it will cover the water damage when if caves in the upstairs ceiling.  As you can see, there are many, many ways to evaluate and overcome some common exclusion in homeowners policies.  As with any specialized area, do not try to go it alone.  Contact a lawyer with experience in insurance claims before you give up.  You owe it to yourself and your family.