On June 25, 2009, I wrote that I had been referred a client by a local personal injury firm in order to litigate an ERISA lien.  At the time I received the case, ACS Recoveries was refusing to reduce at all. 

I am happy to announce that today, as a result of our Federal Court Dec Action, the lien holder has agreed to waive its lien in its entirety.   

Repeatedly, I have seen cases where good attorneys pay back liens that do not even exist, or they pay back way too much. Paying back liens that don’t exist, or paying back too much is a disservice to our clients, and can be considered malpractice. The law on health insurance liens is complicated and one should not dabble in it unless experienced.

Frequently, personal injury attorneys will recommend their clients to hire The Nation Law Firm to negotiate those liens.  This referral removes any potential liability from the personal injury attorney, and provides a much needed service to their clients.