On June 1, I wrote about a declaratory judgment action I filed in order to reduce a $200,000 ERISA health insurance lien.  Prior to receiving the suit, the health insurer took an aggressive stance, and advised my client’s personal injury attorney that it would take $142,000 of the personal injury settlement.  Other than that meager reduction, the health insurer refused move off its demand. 

Upon receiving my declaratory judgment action the health insurer agreed to accept $10,000 as payment in full. My client is very pleased with this quick turn of events which provides him with much needed funds following a tragic and life-altering accident. 

Repeatedly, I have seen cases where good attorneys pay back liens that do not exist, or they pay back way too much. Paying back liens that don’t exist, or paying back too much is a disservice to our clients, and can be considered malpractice. The law on health insurance, ERISA, PPO, and HMO liens is complicated and requires experience to unravel.

Many times, personal injury attorneys will recommend that their clients hire The Nation Law Firm to negotiate and litigate liens on behalf of the personal injury victims. This removes any potential liability from the personal injury attorney, and provides a much needed service to their clients.

I am currently in litigation in numerous such declaratory judgment actions at this time.  For more information on lien resolution, click the word "Liens" in the right-hand column