Tropical Storms can cause significant property damage.  In August, 2008, Tropical Storm Fay caused extensive damage across Florida, prompting President Bush to declare the entire state of Florida a Federal Disaster Area.  The Orlando Sentinel reported that Brevard County, alone, suffered approximately $10 to $12 million dollars in property damage due to Fay. 

One of our clients suffered roofing damage from Tropical Storm Fay’s winds.  Our client is insured with Tower Hill Select Insurance Company, and submitted his claim for the storm’s damage to Tower Hill.  In response, Tower Hill retained the services of engineering firm "Rimkus Consulting Group, Inc." to examine the roof.  Rimkus has stated that the roof damage is not due to Tropical Storm Fay’s winds, but instead is due to improper construction, and poor maintenance.  On the contrary, we believe that we will be able to show that the roof, which never leaked until after Tropical Storm Fay, was indeed damaged by Fay’s high winds, and extraordinary rainfall amounts. 

The Nation Law Firm has previously been successful in showing an extensive (both long-lasting and deep) financial relationship between Rimkus Consulting and the insurance industry.  We anticipate being able to once again demonstrate that connection.

As usual, if we are successful in prosecuting our client’s roofing claim, Tower Hill will be required to pay our attorney’s fees and costs to bring the claim and secure justice for our clients.  If The Nation Law Firm is not successful in securing insurance coverage for our client, we will work for free.