Nation Law Firm attorneys David Paul and Paul Perkins just tried a week long lawsuit against State Farm in Orange County Circuit Court.  David and Paul represented a couple in a dispute with State Farm over the extent of tornado damage to their home.  Although the home remained standing after the tornado and may have appeared fine except for roof damage, David and Paul proved that the home sustained "racking" as a result of the storm. 
Racking occurs when the wood studs inside the home are flexed and loosened after the structure is subjected to strong winds.  As a result of racking, a house will leak extensively after rains.  The only remedy is to tear down the entire home and rebuild it. 
State Farm denied that any such damage occurred.  However, on October 10, 2008, a jury returned a verdict in favor of our clients in an amount far in excess of State Farm’s policy limits.  This was a complete victory for The Nation Law Firm and our clients.  The next step we are planning is filing a "bad faith" lawsuit against State Farm for additional damages incurred in State Farm’s failure to timely settle the case. 
Good job David and Paul!