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GEICO Waives “Coverage Defenses” by Failing to Comply with the Claims Administration Statute

Posted in Auto Insurance, Claims Administration Statute
My client’s vehicle was involved a horrendous motor vehicle accident.  Within hours of the accident, he claimed that his car had been stolen after leaving the keys in the trunk.  Months later, he pled guilty to criminal charges of leaving the scene of the accident with injuries and death.  GEICO insured my client and the vehicle for the accident.  My… Continue Reading

Be Careful About Settlements and Coblentz Agreements

Posted in Claims Administration Statute, Coblentz Agreements, Declaratory Judgment Actions, Settlement
Counsel for an insured or a claimant must pay special attention when intending to settle a claim with a Coblentz Agreement.A “Coblentz Agreement” (named for Coblentz v. Am. Sur. Co. of N.Y., 416 F.2d 1059 (5th Cir. 1969)) is a settlement device which can be utilized only when an insurer refuses to defend an insured.  The insured is… Continue Reading